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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Top 5 Tips To Clean Your Oven

#1 Use your oven's self-cleaning option (with caution)

The simplest way to clean your oven is probably to use the self-cleaning feature. This feature will allow your oven to heat up to 900°C for 3 hours. This feature should be used with caution and under supervision and never used in an oven that is too dirty. The smoke from the food cooking right off the oven can be toxic and the accumulated heat could cause something to ignite or blow-up.

When we tried this method, the house filled with smoke.

However, it is a common way used by many and is best to use for regular maintenance, not tough cleaning jobs. If you chose to go that route, monitor your oven, and turn off the feature if anything seems to be burning or if smoke starts to accumulate.

#2 Clean your oven racks by soaking them in the bathtub. 

Cleaning the metal racks might seem like tedious work but a great way to make short work out of it is to let them soak overnight in a bathtub with a few sheets of bounce (fabric softener). You will be able to wipe the dirt right off!

#3 Make your own natural cleaner.

An affordable and environmental-friendly solution to cleaning your oven is to make your own cleaner. We found these two recipes that promise great results:
Try this formula with orange and lemon, or a more simple formula of vinegar, baking soda, and water.

#4 Clean inside the over door. 

This step may seem daunting but your oven might be dirty between the glass panes in the door. If you want it to shine like new, you might need to take the door apart and give it a really good cleaning or you can try to use a wire to access it. (See these 5 steps to cleaning inside your oven door with a wire).

#5 Make your stove top sparkle.

You probably don't want to clean your stove top the same way you clean inside the oven. What type of stove top you have will determine your cleaning process, but unless you have a glass top, you will probably want to take the heating elements apart to get a really good clean.
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