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Monday, December 19, 2016

Top 5 Tips To Update Your Decor While Spending Little To No Money!

Is your decor stale or non-existent? Some think that in order to get a magazine-worthy decor, they need to drop some heavy cash in one of those premium decor stores, but we are here to tell you that there are more affordable ways to get started. Save the premium stores for just a couple of must-have focal pieces, if you must, and fill in the rest without breaking the bank.

Here are our Top 5 tips:

#1 Freecycle websites and Hand-Me-Downs

Turns out you are not the only person who is tired of their decor. Many people will get rid of their old items for free when they are redecorating. If your friends and family members know that you want to re-decorate, they might save items for you (I know mine always do!) Otherwise you might want to check out local freecycle classifieds on Facebook or other places such as Kijiji or Craigslist.

Keep in mind that the competition for free stuff on those sites is fierce! And you will not get many of the items that you are trying for.

#2 DIY Crafts and Upcycles

Search these terms in Google or Pinterest and you will get countless ideas for decor items you can make yourself. Some of these might be complicated or have expensive materials, but you will find many affordable ideas. For example, I have paper origami butterflies glued to my walls. After watching a few online tutorials, it was easy to fold the butterflies while watching television and they look completely updated the look or my bedroom. You can always find a wall paper or fabric print you like and frame it or stretch it over a wood frame for easy wall art, or look at stenciling or painting a mural. (Plenty of online tips to help you!)

#3 Thrift Stores and Online Classifieds

Thrift stores an online classified ads are full of potential decor items for your home! Some items will be perfect as is and some might need to be upcycled to fit in your decor. (Metal items or ceramic figurines can be spray painted silver, for example, to better fit a decor look)

#4 Re-arranging Existing Items

You might actually have everything you need already but just need to re-arrange things. Maybe the dcor items and throw pillows in your room will look refreshing in the living room while the living room stuff will make your bedroom look brand new! Try moving around a few things, and see how it suits you!

#5 E-bay, Amazon and the Dollar store

Sometimes you simply need affordable filler items to complete the look you want to achieve. When complimented on my decor, I often reply with: "Thank you, I call the style Dollar Store Chic!" Over the years many of my dollar store items were given away and replaced with better quality items (mostly from hand-me-downs!) but I still have a few pieces in my decor. I also use a lot of vinyl decals that I buy from E-Bay and Amazon. You could get something personalized on Etsy, but it won't be as budget-friendly.


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