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Monday, December 19, 2016

Top 5 Tea Kettles For Your Kitchen

Making tea might sound easy, in fact many of us have done it thousands of times, but it doesn't mean that it's being done correctly. There is a lot that goes into making a fine cup of tea; the tea itself, the water used, the teapot, and the water temperature, and the brewing time. Tea can smell and taste differently in different teapots,as it can with different heat settings, and brewing times. You don't want it over brewed and bitter,or losing its color.

Also, keep in mind that different types of teas require different steeping times and water temperature. For example green tea will taste best if brewed between 158 F ~ 176 F (much below the boiling point of 212 F) while black tea should be brewed in water that is exactly at boiling point.

So today we're looking into our top 5 picks to make a fine gourmet tea without any fuss!

Nesco TM-1

This tea maker has a unique look to it. It allows you to brew either loose or bagged tea, and set a steep time from 2 to 16 minutes. It includes an automatic keep warm feature for up to one hour. The water releases from a one liter heating chamber at the perfect temperature for your tea, steeps for the adjusted time, and then flows into the glass pot below where it will be kept warm.

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp

This stainless-steel cordless kettle holds up to 1.7 litter, and has 6 different heat settings to steep the tea at just the right temperature. It keeps the tea warm for 30 minutes with boil-dry protection and has an auto shutoff feature. It also heat-up really fast due to its 1500 watts of power. The other good thing about this kettle is that its concealed heating elements prevent mineral buildup which is really convenient if you had this problem before!

This is a kettle and tea pot in one. We love that the tea basket will lower and raise automatically to ensure the perfect brewing every time. It is programmable so you can use it for all types of teas even if you prefer your tea brewed longer or less long than conventional preferences! This tea maker also has a 60 minutes keep warm feature to make sure you can enjoy your tea at your own pace.

BELLA 1.2L Electric Ceramic Tea Kettle with detachable base and boil dry protection

We loved this kettle for its style! It has a few different style options available and will look great in your kitchen. However this kettle is not only about its looks. It has a 1200 watts burning element and an auto shut off to prevent it from boiling dry.

Ovente S21B Stainless Steel Samovar Tea Maker with Ceramic Teapot, Black

We love this modern twist on the classic samovar. This Ovente tea maker is elegant and will look great in your contemporary space, yet it has the classic elements that will recreate the samovar tea experience for you. The kettle body holds 3 liters, has indicator lights to show when water is ready and an easy pour spout, while the beautifully designed kettle is made from ceramic.
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