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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Top 5 Kitchen Safety Tips

Cooking is routine for many of us, and with routine, often comes a lack of awareness. Here, we have compiled 5 safety tip refreshers to remind you to be aware and careful in the kitchen. These tips will help you prevent both minor injuries and major disasters,

Tip #1 Heat and Fire Safety

Fires, burns and scalding are some of the leading kitchen dangers.
Make sure you have a fire extinguisher nearby but keep its storage away from sources of heat. Prepare yourself before cooking, by rolling up long sleeves, tying back long hair, and removing loose articles of clothing (such as scarves). Turn pot handles away from the front of the stove so they are not accidentally knocked over, and always be careful when lifting pot lids that may allow scalding steam to escape.

Don't leave anything cooking unattended. Always double-check that elements are turned off before leaving the kitchen.

Tip #2 Food Safety & Cleanliness

Food poisoning is never a good experience and sometimes require hospitalization. Cleanliness and proper hygiene will help reduce your risk of food poisoning. Keep surfaces, hands, and cooking utensils clean with soap and water and make sure to thoroughly dry everything as well to make sure hands, knives and surfaces do not become slippery.

Tip #3 Knife Safety

A sharp knife can make your food preparation tasks much easier but can also be very dangerous, we hear about people chopping off a finger tip or needing stitches, but even less extreme cuts can be very inconvenient and debilitating.

Always cut away from your body so that if your knife slips, it does not risk stabbing you. Always be aware of your finger placement and positioning in relation to the knife. Stay aware. If you drop a knife, step away from it. Do not try to catch it.  Keep your knife clean and dry so that you have a good strong grip on it, but do not clean it by placing it in a sink of soapy water, you may not see it and cut your fingers when reaching in.

Tip #4 Small Appliance Safety

Small appliances make your tasks easier in the kitchen, but like with all things, you need to be vigilant and not distracted,

Make sure wires and cords are not frayed or damaged and don't use extension cords in the kitchen. Never touch sharp blades (in blenders, food processors, etc) without first unplugging the appliance. Never stab a fork (or other object) into the toaster to remove stuck toast (you risk electrocution).

Tip #5 Child-proofing

Getting your children to help is a great idea in the kitchen but you need to be even more aware of the safety risks. Keep medicine, cleaning supplies and your oven door locked. Remove anything (pot handles, dishtowels with something on them, etc.) protruding from the counter or stove. Little hands could pull it or knock into it accidentally.

Use a sturdy stool to help your child properly reach the counter and supervise their efforts. Always stay within arm's reach of young children cooking.

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